KdK Slide Multisport Turf

SMI KdK Slide Multisport Turf is a half sand-filled grass surface with a closed structure and high density, produced with a texturised, multi-directional grass fibre. The perfect even terrain for fast-moving sports whatever the weather. KdK Slide is perfectly suitable for tennis, cricket, soccer, hockey, football, volleyball, badminton and golf. SMI Sports Grass tennis court can be played on at any time; even after a downpour, the court dries out in almost no time. This allows players to quickly resume their game. The even structure guarantees a firm, consistent bounce. SMI artificial grass tennis courts offer your players the best possible playing comfort, while the risk of muscle and joint injuries is reduced. SMI artificial court has an extremely comfortable playing surface that is also long-lasting.


SMI KdK Slide Turf

Attached specification.




Easy and cost-effective maintenance

Minimise risk of injury