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SMI synthetic acrylic court flooring is certified and approved by ITF and is made of advanced technology. Acrylic Coating Systems are multi-layer latex based paint systems that establish or restore surface texture, protect underlying asphalt systems from the weather and climatic change, enhance overall playability by establishing play speed and ultimately provide the surface with a vibrant color scheme and resistance to fading.
SMI’s in-house installation team has all the skills and experience to deliver the project with seamless execution and timely completion. We provide synthetic acrylic flooring system at a very competitive rate with the highest quality product and service in the Indian market.

Acrylic flooring is most widely used for sports such as Basketball, Skating, Tennis and Volleyball. The flooring looks aesthetic and is available at affordable cost. Longevity of acrylic sports flooring is more compared to liquid applied cushioning system which loses its resilience over time because of consistent wear and tear.

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