Athletic Tracks

SMI produces high quality running track systems. SMI Track systems are suitable for both competitions as well as for recreational and training purposes. Our Track systems and PU based ingredients (primers, adhesives, sealers, PU’s, EPDM granules etc.) are distributed worldwide.

SMI Track systems are suitable for international competitions as well as for recreational and training purposes. The tracks are fully weather and temperature resistant and offer a high comfort level for athletes all over the world. SMI offer complete running track systems, we also offer all the separate ingredients to prepare a complete system out in the field. Technical supervision during installation can be provided upon request.


SMI offers 3 different type of track systems. Our product comes from Europe and is of high quality.

Full PUR system : - High end systems meant for international and national level projects
Sandwich system :- High end system which can also be used for private sector projects
Spray system :- Primarily used in private sector projects

Technical Specifications:-

European made with warranties over 5 years according to Product System
Systems are made up of a combination of high quality PU, SBR granules, and EPDM granules to create a high quality system
Approved by IAAF
Passes all EN 14877 and DIN standards

Recommended Areas of Usage:-

Athletic tracks for international level competitions
Athletic tracks for education institutes