Basketball is a game of sudden starts, stops, cuts and accelerations. It involves excessive running and it is very important to offer the right infrastructure to improve the game performances.

The flooring concerns of an indoor and outdoor basketball court vary extensively. Each has its own purpose and the flooring option chosen should be based on the usage requirements. Using an appropriate material will not only extend the life of the court but will also help in easy maintenance and improve the player performances.


Patented printing technology, clear wood texture, realistic effect.

Colorful wood design. easy to match the colors. Strong site integrity and more beautiful.

Moderate ball bounce performance, no deviation in the direction Of the rebound trajectory.

Outstanding anti-skid performance, high speed break through and inside turn around are both safe and comfortable.

When fall or non-active land in the competition, closed foam back layer provide buffer to minimize sports injuries.

Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

Aesthetic design
Superior adhesion
Economical/cost effective
Resistant to flaking and peeling
Customised colours
Hassle free maintenance and easy surface treatment
Easy to repair or replace partial repair
Impact and abrasion resistant

Available Flooring Solutions