The cricket ground is witness to the most exciting cricket action. This requires grounds that assure the best of cricket players and supporters. At SMI we specialize in doing just that. Cricket field has a feature of wicket and outfield on which we emphasize on tossing the ball and making your heart beat with every ball.

We have a team of professionals who live the game and their passion drives them to design pitches and cricket classrooms that meet global standards. Our on-ground construction services include making quality pitches, remodeling old pitches and creating a flat surface for playing the incredible game called cricket.

We boast of high quality construction material which is exclusive for Cricket Ground construction. The process involves an in-depth study of various conditions such as the size of the field to be prepared keeping in mind the volume of games to be played; pitch and square bottom drainage requirements; The type and quality of loam required to produce excellent pitches for good ball speed; And compaction is to be achieved at each stage of construction.

We provide the latest technical equipment in Cricket Ground construction. In collaboration with our in-house designers and engineers, we manage the entire project step by step to ensure that every detail is worked out. In cricket, the quality of the pitch affects the performance of the players to a great extent. Thus, we try to provide complete solutions from the ground analysis, drawings and specifications for overall project management based on abstract.