Hockey is a highly demanding field game. It is all about speed and extra-ordinary strength and stamina. Tough nature of this game demands a good and tough playing surface. The amount of wear and tear that a hockey field goes through certainly demands a highly durable surface. The surface of a hockey field has to be absolutely flat, fast and good which will improve the players performance. On the contrary, a slow pitch hampers the player’s performance. SMI’s hockey fields provide a consistent and durable surface.

Hockey is the national game of India and with Olympic medals into its credit, the game has gained immense popularity in most part of the world. Playing hockey builds extensive stamina with good body-co-ordination making the game very competitive. It is a mandate that such a competitive sport is played on a good surface and keeping this mind, SMI delivers a range of high-quality hockey turf. We offer both water based hockey pitch and sand dressed hockey fields.

SMI will analyse the specific location, which would have a significant influence on the design and construction of a new facility. In addition to this, SMI consists of necessary skills and experience to deliver a project which is sustainable as well as appropriate as per the client’s mandate. Our prime emphasis is on how the entire project is structured and executed.


Faster and more accurate
  ball slide
Resistance to climatic
Greater Cushioning = Avoid


Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

Available Flooring Solutions

Artificial Turf
The aritficial turf for hockey pitch comes in the following forms:
  • Water based: The water-based hockey pitches are best suited surfaces for elite and international level matches because of their exceptional playing characteristics. These surfaces are designed to give good performances over many and meets FIH Global standards.
  • Sand dressed: The sand dressed synthetic surfaces are densely tufted with ployethylene texturised yarns partly filled with grains of sand. These surfaces meet FIH National standards. These surfaces resemble the playing qualities of a wet field. The layer of sand supports and strengthens the fibre base without being visible.
Product USP
Product technical specifications
Ancillary Works

Artificial turf has been the primary playing surface for competitive hockey at various international, national and club level matches. Artificial turfs are available with a range of choice from water-based system to sand-based systems. Our surfaces are accredited by International Hockey Federation (FIH).

SMI is a leading hockey pitch surface provider with high specification surfaces. We install surfaces for competitive hockey as well as recreational purposes for schools, clubs etc. Our in-house design can be tailored to meet clients’ requirements. We also supply all the necessary accessories and equipments like hockey goal posts, line marking, score cards, pads, kicker, chest guard, etc.


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