SMI is a one-stop shop for all your rubber sports flooring needs. No other company can provide so many options. Due to the strength of the product, I use rubber flooring for sports reasons. In a country like India, due to the large number of people using sports flooring, strong abrasion resistance is very important. Rubber flooring is usually used in gyms, but it can be used almost anywhere.

We provide the following products to meet your sports needs:


Rubber roller with a thickness of 4-12 mm-this product has a mixture of colored or black rubber. It can be used anywhere in the gym and can also meet many other needs, such as indoor running tracks. This product is used in some of the best gyms in the world, including Gold's Gym, Fitness First and Easy Gym.


We provide rubber tiles with a thickness of 10 mm to 30 mm. These products are suitable for high-end weightlifting areas where people lift weights.


Rubber tiles-interlocked with the gym and other necessities. The tile format is usually 15-25 mm thick. The product is also available in a variety of colors and black.