Squash Courts

SMI Squash court has been developing and supplying high-quality materials for squash court construction for over 25 years of experience. Our squash court wooden floor, plaster, and Glass backwall are accredited by the World Squash Federation for competition-grade courts, combining a true playing surface with industry-leading durability.

SMI offers:

Squash court Flooring:
SMI AIRFLEX SMASH MAPLE WOOD FLOORING SYSTEM : FLOORING SPECIFICATION : The Surface Board: Kiln Seasoned Maple wood sports flooring finished with 21.00MM thick, 58.00 to 85.00MM wide and in random length in tongue and groove shape. The edges of the boards will have a finger lock groove and the bottom side with air pass groove and treated with special anti-termite and water-resistant lacquer. The Under Frame made of commercial quality Canadian Pine wood runners of 70.00 MM x 45.00 MM, treated with anti-termite solution, and fixed on the bottom side with 19.00 or 10.00 MM thick SMI EPDM air cushioned pads, stappled through the two wings at 300.00 MM c/c.

Squash court walls:
SMI offers WSF certified wall plaster make “Rebound” UK origin. Rebound wall hard plaster is glass-fiber reinforced cement composite, developed specifically to withstand the constant impact of squash balls and rackets. The system consists of a 10.00-12.00 MM base coat (Cement Plaster) with silica sand provide by customer at your cost and topcoat of (Rebound make) 5.00-6.00 MM, which makes it a total thickness of 15.00 – 17.00 MM. The outstanding durability of Rebound plaster means it needs minimal maintenance, resulting in lower whole-life costs than other materials.

Squash court Glass :
SMI offers Glass court backs or even entirely glass courts are a popular choice. This is especially true for competition courts, as the glass allows for convenient viewing. SMI Squash is well-placed to meet the requirement for both glass backs and complete glass courts for both singles and doubles squash courts. All our glass is fully tempered float glass and is 12.00 MM thick. Court backs have vertical stripes to a height of 607.00 MM for safety. The fixtures and fittings are aluminium, and all materials and designs are approved and norms by the World Squash Federation for top-level competition use.