Stadium Seating and Bleachers

SMI has been conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing a wide range of Stadium Chairs / Seating Systems since 2007. The key elements in our stadium chairs are comfort, safety and they are durable enough to withstand the rigors of regular use in the sports and entertainment industry.

Stadium Chairs We have established our stadium seating in various stadiums and sports complexes across India. We have also done several turnkey stadium seating projects in India, Dubai, Muscat, Myanmar and Lusaka. These projects include: large stadium seating areas, indoor arenas, private sports clubs, etc.

SMI offers a wide variety of range from affordable entry level stadium chairs to highly comfortable and luxurious auto tip up chairs such as Backless Seat Pods. We are also accepting customized requirements for all types of budgets.

All our manufacturing process is done under the guidance of top architects and designers with strict adherence to quality and its durability. As a result, all seat models have been tested by our experts prior to dispatch and installation.

We always suggest prompt consultation regarding the design and selection process so that we can provide the best combination of seating layout and specification. Free consultation or no obligation quote is available to you, so always feel free to ask and consult with your questions and requirements.

SMI is always eager to answer all of our questions and will be pleased about the opportunity to go big on the many benefits of our stadium seating range.

If you are looking for Stadium Chairs that can be easily tucked away to make the best use of the available space, we can design, manufacture and install Stadium Chairs for our clients.