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Tennis is a very popular sport that is played as a sport or as a recreational game. The game involves lots of back & forth action, keeping its viewers hooked to the game at all the times. There are immense benefits of Tennis as it keeps the body & mind healthy. Irrespective of the purpose, a game like Tennis that requires very high level of precision along with intensive physical & mental strength requires a good playing surface or infrastructure.

 Medium speed field is good for improving the competitive ability and attractiveness.

 4 kinds of flooring color can match with various competition arena.

 Improved surface texture, more comfortable to move in every direction, not easy to cause sports injury.

 The flooring is not easily reflective, it is good for the athlete to judge the direction of tennis.

 Easy installation, long service life, easy to maintenance.


Cushions blows and falls, without risks despite weather conditions.
Ideal for rental courts or training
We use recyclable materials and a notable saving of water
Some important factors:
Acrylic Court

SMI’s acrylic tennis court surfaces are made of advanced technology. Acrylic tennis courts give the necessary speed, texture, and vibrant colours. These surfaces can withstand any weather condition and these are also resistant to fading. Our acrylic floorings can be applied on asphalt, concrete or existing acrylic surface.

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PP Tiles

SMI’s PP tiles with interlocking system comes in the thickness range of 3.5-8.0 mm. PP tiles for sports surface solution improves the performance, comfort, and safety of the users. PP tiles have seen its application in tennis courts, gymnasiums, fitness centres, schools, kindergartens etc, where acoustic performances are required. SMI’s Pp tiles constitute virgin materials and not recycled materials that ensures high quality & durability that comes with a service life of 10 years.

PP Tiles are used for both residential as well as commercial applications. SMI has made a mark in the market by providing technologically advanced, comfortable and safe Tennis court surfaces which outlasts traditional surfaces.

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PU Court

Selecting the right flooring option is very important as far as a good sports infrastructure is concerned. Rayzon offers a variety of surfacing products to suit vivid requirements. With an effort to offer quality products, Rayzon supplies and installs floors that meet highest standards.

PU is a new generation sports surface material. PU flooring helps to convert existing Tennis court to cushioned court. It is installed for both indoor and outdoor multi-sports infrastructure.

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Artificial Turf

Artificial turfs for Tennis courts are a good option as they offer the necessary consistency, comfort, and safety during any weather. With years of research and experience, SMI ensures an impeccable installation & maintenance.

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